The Youth Aflame is a youth-oriented wing of the Church of the Epiphany. This ministry’s purpose is to act as a support group for the many young hearts that have taken abode under one unified roof.

We function to empower youths and to create a platform for them to express themselves in creative and articulate ways. With members ranging in age from 13 to 35, we reach out to many young minds from all walks of life, guiding them through the Way of Jesus Christ through his Holy Word.

Under the tutelage of group Facilitators, the Youth Aflame looks to ignite young souls, allowing them to assimilate themselves into the intergenerational community of the Church of the Epiphany.

We conduct activities to serve as an encouragement and to act as stepping stones for our youth. Activities like Bible Study, Prayer, and Mission Trips, help to empower them with various spiritual tools to experience the wonders of the Christian Faith within the confines of the Church and even beyond those doors, in the world outside!

If you are a young flame aged 13 to 35, looking for the spark to ignite your spirit and set you on the journey to seek the living God who loves you, we would love to welcome you to come join us in our Youth Cell!