I felt happy and excited to take my first communion. The practice of taking the bread & wine will constantly remind me of Jesus Christ’s flesh and blood that was sacrificed for our sins.
Upon my confirmation, I’m now a confirmed member of the Church of The Epiphany. I’m thankful to the Church for helping me to grow in my faith and guiding me on my journey with the Lord.”


      In December 2018, I met with an accident during my return journey from Malaysia. I was a pillion rider on my husband’s bike, when the accident happened. A car collided into our bike, forcing my husband to fall, simultaneously throwing me up on top of an approaching car. I quickly put my faith in God and exclaimed “Jesus!” and miraculously the car halted, mere centimetres from me. Even though I had escaped from a life-threatening accident, the traumatic incident had certainly impacted me both emotionally and physically. I continued to feel the effects of shock, 7 months after the accident. I felt my body was undergoing changes, not allowing me to feel truly healed and healthy. Feeling distraught, I went to a clinic.
When the doctor found out about a bleeding condition that was going on for the past 7 months, he warned me that this was not normal. He refused to give any medication and referred me to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Thus, I was quickly admitted and underwent some ultrasound and blood tests. After those tests, the doctor stated that my blood count was actually very low. Despite those multiple tests, the medical team could not find the exact reason behind my excessive bleeding. They eventually assigned a psychologist to me, in a bid to see if this effect was not physical but psychological.
The medical team then decided to do some sampling from my cervix to test the surrounding tissue as they suspected that my bleeding could be due to some potentially cancerous cells. I was clearly told that it would take another 14 days for the final test results to arrive. I honestly feared getting diagnosed with cancer. Every time I faced my 3 kids, there were many questions running through my mind: “What if the worst happens?” However, I eventually overcame such negative thoughts as I trusted our Almighty Lord and knew that given the immense faith that I had in Him, He would not forsake me at any point in time.
A day before my results were due, my kids and I gathered to do our regular night prayer. I explained to them what I was going through so far and told them that I would be getting my test results the next day. I knew it was also a very emotional period for my kids. My kids shared with me that they had a strong faith in the Lord and that the test results would turn out to be favourable. They also shared that even if the test results do not turn out to be favourable, they would continue to worship, glorify, and celebrate the Lord.
I knew I had to practice and strengthen good faith in the Lord together with my kids. Hence, I instructed my kids to declare: “It does not matter if our mum is going to be saved or not, we would not worship you devil, but we will always praise our Heavenly Father”. After declaring that, with great faith, we all went to bed with peace of mind. The very next day, my test results came back negative for cancer and it is all because of God’s grace and mercy. Therefore, I am giving this testimony to give thanks and glorify our loving Lord. God bless you all!”

Esther Kalaivani

      Before knowing the Lord, I was an Atheist. I assumed that being and doing good alone was enough and I wasn’t ready to accept Christ into my life. I came to know the Lord through my mother who accepted Christ, 5 to 6 years ago and I saw many positive changes in her life. Initially I was forced to attend Church by my mother and brother. I had a troubled past which affected me greatly and I was often depressed and had many questions within me. But after speaking to Revd Paul who advised and counselled me, I started praying daily and then, to my great surprise, miracles and positive changes started happening. I felt God’s intervention and I fully accepted Him in my life. I am not sure how my life would have turned out if I hadn’t found God as I was so lost. I am glad that my path changed and I have been freed from the anger and hatred within me. I am extremely happy to have found Christ in my life. Praises to God alone!

Faith Bavani

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      God was always by me since young. He spoke through various people but I neglected it all my life.
During my darkest phase, Christ was my sole of strength. He walked me through and showed me the light with the help of Revd Paul. When I was down with spinal paralysis, he showed me the way and gave me tremendous healing.
When I started to focus on Him, everything else that tore me apart started to fixt itself and make me stronger.
Through the baptism class, I was able to understand God better. Baptism feels like a rebirth. Things I have done before are all gone with no guilt nor holding back. I feel renewed with a new spirit and I am a new me.

Sarah Vania