In 2016, Church of the Epiphany (COTE) did a church plant in Chitwan district, located at the southwestern part of Bharatpur, Nepal. Historically, Christ Church took the initiative in planting COTE to glorify the Lord for successfully leading the church for 25 years. Similarly, COTE decided to do this church plant in Chitwan so as to glorify and give thanks to the Lord, while also commemorating our 50th anniversary.

Initially, we established a small place and were able to run the church in Chitwan for 2 years. However, in 2018, COTE had a huge responsibility of tackling a concern with regards to the inconvenient location of the church building in Chitwan. A huge percentage of the churchgoers were located in the village. As the church building was situated in a highly inaccessible area, it was a difficult task for several villagers to attend church service.

Hence, in November 2018, COTE’s PCC made a decision to relocate the church building, to a more accessible and conducive area in the village itself. This new place was consecrated and officially opened by Canon Steven Asirvatham. After the relocation, more villagers are now able to attend church service. Today, through the Lord’s grace and mercy, the church following is continuing to grow in numbers.

We are grateful to Pastor Bhim, his wife, and 3 children, for serving and evangelizing numerous families about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen Pastor Bhim and his family.