Church of The Epiphany (COTE) is actively engaged with Hougang Care Centre. A small group representing the church, decided to begin this ministry in 2017. Under the then Vicar, Rev Lawrence’s guidance, a small team was formed to lead this Local Evangelism Team (LET). The slogan behind this ministry is: Let’s Evangelise Together.

This Hougang Care Centre ministry is conducted on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm. It mainly focuses on worshipping the Lord, sharing testimonials to strengthen the patients’ faith, and to speak about the gospel to bring everyone closer to the Lord.

During this ministry, the patients are able to talk about their difficulties in life and the LET is able to share the love of Christ with them through prayer and fellowship with them. Through this ministry, the Lord has touched many hearts and some of these patients have started to attend church.

The LET communicates via a chat group to send reminders, share prayer requests, and even prepare the team members on who will be sharing the word for that month. The team also contributes financially to cater dinner for the patients (around 35 pax).

Let us uphold the Local Evangelism Team in prayer as they continue to share the gospel with the patients, to help strengthen their faith and relationship with God.