Church of the Epiphany’s Confirmation Service 2019

Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which believers affirm themselves in the faith that they have been baptised and their intention to live a life of committed discipleship, in Jesus Christ.

We had our recent Confirmation Service at Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church, our temporary place, on 28th July 2019. Our Retired Bishop, the Right. Revd. Dr. John Chew graced the service with the Lord’s message and blessed the Confirmation candidates. He preached on the topic; “Give Thanks to the Lord with Your Whole Heart” from Psalms 138.

Once you are confirmed, you are now able to experience, together with the Church, the Holy Communion. As one body, we will partake of the bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s broken body and His blood that was shed for our sins on the cross.

11 members from our Church were guided and led in their faith journey, towards Confirmation. As they take their next step in this journey, let us as a Church, continue to give our support and encourage them in every possible way.

  1. Asher Keerthi Kesan
  2. Beulah Veni Ramiah
  3. Brian Davidson
  4. Faith Bavani
  5. George Devasagayam
  6. Joanna Bhagyavathy
  7. John Siri Murugan
  8. Katherine
  9. Paul Sarhan
  10. Selvananthan Slency
  11. Stephen Sheeba

A special confirmation prayer for you; that you may always know the richness of God’s blessing through the days that come and go; And may the faith you hold and lovingly profess be a constant source of help and strength as well as happiness!

We, as Church of the Epiphany, extend our heartiest congratulations to these 11 members!