About us




Our History

Church of the Epiphany’s congregation grew out of a community of Indian labourers who worked in the construction of Seletar Airbase.

They worshipped in an attap shed till their numbers swelled. Later (1942-1945), they rented a shed with a metal roof at Lor Thanggam. Christ Church was instrumental in the early establishment of the Church of the Epiphany.

In 1965, a building committee was elected for the construction of the new chapel at its current site, 407 Jalan Kayu. The Bishop of Singapore and Malaya, the Rt. Rev.C.K Sansbury, blessed the foundation stone and Group Captain R.W.G Freer of the British Royal Armed Forces(R.A.F) laid the stone on 1st January 1966. The building was dedicated on the 1st May 1967.


Our Future

A beacon of Christ Light – its members emitting His light and brilliance to be great citizens of Singapore and impacting even the larger world community.

A treasure trove of Christ Love – Nurturing and equipping its members to be the true disciples of Jesus by loving one another no matter who they are and what they believe in.

An infinite Spring of Christ Wisdom – Sowing the seed of knowledge to inspire young minds to become innovative and creative individuals who will leave a mark on their generation. c1


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