c4Greetings to everyone in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Albert James and my wife’s name is Jacintha. We have a beautiful daughter and two sons. Their names are Atalia Anita, Jadon Akaash and Samuel Nethan. God has been our provider, pillar of strength and protector all these years. His grace and mercy has carried us through the most difficult times in our lives. We want to give God all glory.

My daughter was 6 years old and it was time for us to register her in a primary school. It was a tough job to choose a good school. My wife and I were more concern in sending her to a Christian based school because we believed that it was necessary for my children to be brought up in Christian values. At last we zoomed down to St Hildas Primary School. We attended the open house conducted by the school. During the open house while having a conversation with one of the teachers we realized how difficult it was to enrol in that school. Normally all the seats would be taken up by the children who live within 2km of that school. And the teacher told us that we don’t stand a chance at all as we lived in Woodlands and advised us to think about other alternative schools. We were quite disappointed and confused after the open house. My wife and I had many long conversations regarding the selection of school. At last we decided to pray and commit the whole matter into God’s hands. We waited for his will to be done as he knows the best for us. At one point of time I even thought of renting out a unit around the school area so that we will get into the school. I found out it was illegal and decided not to do it. We also got the pastor of our church, Rev Lawerence to write a note so that we could apply under phase 2b for the school.

c5We registered my daughter into St Hilda’s Primary School. We were notified that we needed to go through balloting to get a seat into the school. On the day of balloting we were very anxious. Family members were also upholding us in prayer. There were 19 students competing for the remaining 10 seats. The 1st 5 seats were chosen by the pastor and subsequent 4 seats were chosen by the principal of the school. Our daughter’s number was still not chosen. At that point of time we decided we will not get into the school. With heavy hearts we packed our bags and got ready to leave the room. The last seat was drawn by a successful parent. He called out my daughter’s number. We jumped for joy. With tears of joy in our eyes we thanked God. Its only he who has done this for us.

We realized that no matter what others might say or the situation around us don’t seem favourable, there is still hope in Jesus. He has the final say in our lives as he is more concern than anyone else. As it is said in Matthew 17:20 , all you need is to have that ‘mustard size’ of faith in him. Just as God has done this for us, he is more than capable of doing it for you also. All praises to God Almighty.


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